Sunday, June 28, 2020

Gretchen and Delia

Well......I didn't plan on taking a month off to update you on all the exciting changes happening around these parts, but life uh....finds a way.

Life Uh GIF - Life Uh FindsAWay GIFs

That doesn't make any sense.  You know what else doesn't make any sense? Nothing really changed about the coronavirus except that cases decreased a lot in some areas because everyone was social distancing/teleworking/wearing masks during the very limited number of outings they were taking and then SOMEBODY was like "Well, I guess we're through the worst of it.  Back to normal, folks!" ...and here we are again with the number of cases increasing skyrocketing...and when will my better half and I finally be able to venture out into the great unknown of glorious Dallas??? #firstworldproblems

Okay, I'll stop being a little storm cloud now.  Onward to sunshine and rainbows.
Recent Reads

After rereading one of my favorite books for the fourth fifth sixth time (I don't really know...more than a few, but less than the number of times Nath'n has watched The Empire Strikes Back), I decided to give a book I started years ago another chance.  Back in what I would guess was probably 2014, I decided to read The Happiness Project because it seemed like an interesting topic, it was a New York Times Bestseller, and who couldn't stand a little more happiness in their life? Win-win-win, right?

I remember getting through the first few chapters back in '14, but I wasn't as avid of a reader as I am these days.  So naturally after not picking it up very often and feeling like it was taking for-ev-er to get through (my fault, I thought), I decided it just wasn't for me.  Since then I've wondered if maybe it was just me, so why not give the ole gal Gretchen another chance!?

I was wrong.

While I won't say that I hated the book, it was rather hard at times to get through.  I've told myself in the past that if I'm just not feeling a book after a few chapters in, it's okay to put it down.  Coincidentally, Gretchen says the same thing in this very book.  There are plenty more fish in the sea books on the shelf.  But then I'd think "Well, that's what I did last time!" So I'd make myself keep trudging, and boy was it a trudge! I found parts of the book interesting and enjoyable (at times), but all-in-all, it just wasn't my favorite.  I feel like it could have been three-quarters, if not half as long as it was, and it was just really hard to relate to the author at times because she has such a different personality than me and values things differently than I do. I'd give it 2 stars.

Needless to say, it won't be my go-to stocking stuffer for family members this year.  Except maybe the ones who wronged me.  hahaha jk #nohateforgretchen

My subsequent and latest read was Where the Crawdads Sing.  To be honest, I wasn't particularly stoked about starting this because I'd been burned in the past by a New York Times Bestseller (cough, cough-see above), and I sometimes get a little weird about a book that I feel like everyone raves about when it's probably not typically something I'd read.  I knew this was set in the south in the mid-20th century, and I'm more of a modern fiction person.  But I thought, you know let's just see.  I can always put it down if I'm not digging it.

I was wrong.

It was sooooooo good! Count me in on the bandwagon of people who really liked (maybe even loved or lurved) this book!  While it was more nature-descriptive than I may like at times, I will say the author, who is a zoologist, has a way with words.  It also had a good amount of suspense throughout, which is not the norm for my reading choices.  A few nights when I was going to bed, I was like "Lawd Jesus, please let me not have any nightmares about the Marsh Girl!" And then one night when I was brushing my teeth after a particularly suspenseful chapter, Nathan showed up behind me in the mirror after I had closed my eyes for a minute, and I was so startled! #scaredycat

Scared Funny GIF - Scared Funny Cat GIFs
Anyway, it kept me guessing throughout about who may have murdered the town superstar, but I won't give it away in case you read this and don't want the ending ruined.  And by "you," I mean you, Nathan.  Hah!  (p.s. thanks for being amazing and reading my sorry excuse of a blog) Back to the book - all in all, it was a great read, and I'd definitely recommend it!! 5 stars, Delia!

So yeah.  That's about it on the reading front for now.  I've just started this, and I'm already digging the small intro portion I read last night.  Excited to report back here hopefully soon with my overall thoughts.

Until then (which may be a month, but let's hope not), keep it funky and fresh and for goodness sakes SOCIAL DISTANCE AND WEAR YOUR DAMN MASK!!!!

Coronavirus Covid19 GIF - Coronavirus Covid19 Covid GIFs

**Who am I doing blog posts with back-to-back Jurassic Park gifs in my posts? Oh...Nathan's wife.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Decoration Day (& picture overload)

Dijaknow that Memorial Day used to be known as Decoration Day because soldiers used to decorate (with flowers and flags...not like garland and lights, although wouldn't that be a scene?) the graves of their fallen comrades?

That's the only bit of sustenance in this post. (but really...)

Apparently I have a knack for Memorial Day blog posts (seen here and here), so I'm coming at you again in 2020, bitches.  Sorry, but not sorry for the lack of a 2019 post.  From what I can remember, we ventured from the southeastern corner of the state of LA to the northwestern corner of the state (still LA) to hang out with mi padre.  Nate the Great also planned a little reunion fun with some old work buddies, and we just took it all reallllllll eassssssy. :) We have good memories from a year ago when cloth masks weren't strapped to our faces and the sun was nice and shiny...

Mi Padre and Mi Amore

which is the opposite of today.

I am not one, nor will I e'er be one to complain about a rainy day off work, but Nate and I dreamed up a grandiose good time outdoors today, including a nice little hike at nearby Piedmont Ridge Trail and a picnic lunch outside, but the weather kind of changed all that for us.

After busting our bootays this morning doing a workout from my new trainer (#bigballin'), we got all cleaned up and were like "This rain is going to pass, and we'll just get a little mud on our shoes!"  However, that soon turned into "it's really coming down out there! Mebbbeeee we should reschedule for another day." :( But we made light of it and took some pics by the door.

Hot stuff!

I'm pretty sure I was mid song here.

I guess I could have cropped some of these a bit, but la to the zy.

DEFINITELY mid-song here.

It's all good in the 'hood.  We had a turkey sammiches with a little side of Mr. Trebek, and all was right in the world again.

Alex Trebek Dancing GIF by Jeopardy! - Find & Share on GIPHY

Then I had the bright idea to go ahead and knock out getting a few groceries from Trader Joe's, and I thought "It's Memorial Day AND rainy - - Trader Joe's is going to be EMPTY!" (are you picking up on the foreshadowing I'm putting down?  'cause if not, then maybe I'm a bad writer you need to go back to 8th grade reading class.)

Little did she know that everyone in the DFW metroplex had the same idea.

So after nearly 18 minutes in line, I hightailed my slippery shoes through the store and was out in less time than my wait time.

But you know what?! Who the eff cares? Cause it's STILL a day off work! #MemorialDayBitches

This is my current view. 

No rearranging/posing things to make it cooler. #lazyblogger  So you just get a plain, boring candle picture. 

And another cat picture. (THANK GOD he's feeling oodles and oodles better than last weekend.)

P.S. That's not water in my water bottle.
P.S.S. Yes it is, because my trainer said I can't have alcohol.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Something old, new, borrowed, and blue

Hello from the other siiiiiiiiide.

Still in lockdown, still working from home, so not really the other side, but I felt like saying it anyway.  Today marks the start of my 9th week of teleworking. So while I'm really enjoying no commute time in my day and more comfortable clothes and easier lunches and more time working out in the morning and working alongside Jim and this and that and the other, I do feel really bad for all of the people out of work or suffering from the sickness or loss of income, etc. etc., and it'll be nice when we reach "normal" again.

But enough virus talk for now! On to more exciting things like what is up with the title of this post? I'm actually kind of proud of myself for such a clever title and post idea.  (at least proud by my standards, which we all know are extremely low.)

Clever Girl Jurassic Park GIF - CleverGirl JurassicPark Angry ...
Something old

I decided to brush the dust off my copy of The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail whilst I was waiting on the library to get off their sorry ass* lend me my next read, and boy howdy am I ever glad for making such an important decision.  For those of you sorry asses that don't know, this book, is phenomenal. Period. It has wit and intelligence and perfect segues and inspiration and why am I not already living in the woods in my own Walden, living off my bean patch, eating imaginary huckleberries, but am instead tied to THE MAN???  It is just so, SO good, y'all. And if you haven't read it, then you should, and you will love it and reread it from time to time and also send me a thank you note at my cabin in the woods.  Of course, it'll be from your cabin in the woods and will probably be written on a stone, written by using a sharp stone (apparently, it's really stony around your cabin), but I'll appreciate the gesture nonetheless. 😉 
p.s. I swear I'm not stoned.

Something new

My last read, before I manhandled (with my brain and eyes) the aforementioned, was a book called The Girl He Used to Know (not to be confused with this.)  I had high hopes for it being another book I would love (like this one) or even really like (like this one), buuuuuuuuuut it wasn't. It wasn't horrible by any means, and I was nice enough to give it a 3/5 stars on GoodReads, but it just didn't do anything for me. It was an easy read and *SPOILER ALERT* was interesting reading a love story about a girl who is on the Autism spectrum and seeing how she perceives things, as well as how others perceive her (the chapters alternate between her point of view, as well as the point of view of her love interest), but again, nothing really spectacular.  There wasn't witty banter or a great plot, and the ending (which was spanned over the last 6 chapters or so) were centered on September 11th, and it just wasn't that great. In conclusion, if you're desperate, read it, but don't say I recommended it.

Something borrowed

When I thought up this catchy title for the blog post, this was the hardest (#firstworldproblems) blurb for me to come up with, but then the perfect-est thing dawned on me that I had to vent about.  So for work, we have to/it looks really good to participate/learn in these continuing education type webinars.  In one last week regarding helpful ideas for paralegals, the former attorney leading the course was describing how to use a particular website to research case law and/or briefs that might be helpful to your (my) attorneys.  At one point, she said "And when you find these previously published briefs that could really be helpful, you should use the information.  It's not stealing - think of it more as borrowing. You're borrowing points and ideas someone else has already made or used."

While I understand what she's saying and have no issues utilizing this approach #butdon'tplagairize, it really bothered me that she thought to use the term borrowed to make it all sound... alright?  I got the impression she uses this verbiage often, considering the webinar I participated in was spread out over three sessions, and she used this "explanation" twice.  Just call a spade a spade, lady.  When I borrow a book from the library, I intend to give it back.  I don't think when you "borrow" language or ideas that you give it back. Except I guess you kind of do because you're not literally taking the text away from them and leaving them without it, but.... Okay, this post is already too long, and I've still got the blue part, but hopefully you catch my drift and agree that she should just use another word. *end rant.*

Something blue

Isn't that the most pitiful thing you've ever seen??
Oh my goodness - did we have an eventful weekend! On Saturday, Sagan seemed fine and dandy in the morning and afternoon, but then around dinnertime, he ralphed upchucked vomited tossed his cookies. Big deal, right? He's a cat and occasionally has hairballs and sometimes this happens.  Not this time - nosireee.  So then he tossed them again about an hour or so later, and not to be gross, but the substance contained... fewer cookies.  I swear this is important for the story - I'm not just being gross.  Fast forward to later and later in the evening, and more tossing and less and less cookies until it was like, poor thing - he's got nothing left in him except for bile.  (He also didn't eat or drink anything else after the initial tossing started.) So then I'm all in a panic like WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OUR CAT?! and Nate is like I don't know, but we should plan on taking him to the vet on Monday (reminder, it's Saturday night), and then I am ferociously googling things like "feline acute vomiting" and "take cat to vet after excessive vomiting" and Nate the Great is probably like "if she's like this with our cat, what in the hell is she going to be like with kids?!?"

So the tossing continued to the point where it then started to contain blood (so sad, I know...and also gross - sorry), and it was 10:30 p.m., but we were like "okay - we need to go to an ER vet." So we did, and Sagan was a terror like he always is at the vet, but we didn't have to experience it because with COVID, no one was allowed in the vet, so they came to the car and got him.  Long story way too long - we went home with him that night after no sign of what the hell happened and then we had to take him back to the vet 12 hours later on Sunday morning and they sedated him and took x-rays and still NOTHING, and then he had a massive diarrhea explosion at the vet (thank god we were confined to our car just waiting on the verdict at this point) and they offered to keep him overnight but wanted thousand(s) (yes plural, and no I'm not kidding) of dollars to keep an eye on him, but we were like, please don't send us to the poor house, we'll take him home with us and administer meds and keep our own eyes on him.  And here we are today:

Already hard at work plotting his maniacal revenge for 2 vet visits.
So they shaved his arm for the IV because he got dehydrated after all of the aforementioned tossing and not eating or drinking, and now we think (and we're super hopeful) he's on the up-and-up, and so we can now make fun of his ridiculous appearance. :) And also really love on the little booger.

In a nutshell, we think these may have been the culprit because of reviews online that sounds similar to our problem, but maybe Sagan was just constipated and wanted to make a big show out of it!

*just wanted to clarify that anyone who knows me knows that i freakin' love the library and basically everything I say on here is nonsense and that librarians are heaven sent and should be paid millions of dollars.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Updates and Mercy

It's been 487 days, and she's back with a bang, folks!
Not really...I just think that writing is therapeutic...cathartic...good exercise for my fingers something, so here goes.

I'll spare you (you=no one) the nitty gritty details of the past 487 days, but a lot has happened.  Tom Hanks died. Queen Elizabeth had a baby.  You know, the normal stuff that takes place over the course of a year and some change. In all seriousness,
  • Nate the Great graduated! (A to the men! No doubts whatsoever in my mind, but SO glad he's done dealing with the college stuff from this place, and also SO SO glad that the funds in our savings account is no longer being slowly slurped away by that place!)
  • We moved to Dallas!
  • Coronavirus struck the earth, and we've all been on lockdown for the past ~6ish weeks give or take.
So yeah, I think that's all the blog post I have in me for now.  See you in another 487 days. 

(If you don't click that, you're dead to me.)

No, but really.  We're super excited to finally be living in Dallas.  We seriously considered the idea not long after we decided to sell our half of the granola company, but then things didn't align properly (aka the stars), and so it was pushed aside.  And then we'd keep talking about making it a reality but this, that, and the other would get in the way or convince us to hold off on it for now and then we almost bought a house in Shreveport, but then thank god we didn't because we decided to move to New Orleans for a job offer for me and then we were living in the big NOLA and then Nate had school to finish, and then...I've been rambling enough already, and this post was supposed to be about my most recent read.

Hah! Did you miss me? (again, you=no one)

But we're here*, and even though we were really only able to explore the city for a good week or two (after all the unboxing and "ughhhh where the hell are we going to put all. this. stuff?"), we're really REALLY excited about getting here and the next chapter of our lives.

Speaking of chapters... 

I thought it might be fun for me to at least pretend that I should jump on the ole blogger every few weeks or so when I finish a book to A) document it and give my review of it, as well as B) make some kind of excuse to really just get my butt back to blogging/documenting life.  I mean, I've already rambled on for how long and look where were at.

Source...and get you a copy while you're there
I finished Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy last night, and I'll go ahead and let the cat** out of the bag (so he can breathe again), and let you know that I'd give it 5/5 stars!

It was a really interesting read about capital punishment and equal rights with an emphasis on death row, as well as how messed up our criminal justice system is, all while interweaving real life stories of men and women and kids (who became men and women) who were helped by Mr. Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative, or EJI.

The Civil Rights Movement and civil rights in general are something that I feel I've always been drawn to.  I always have felt that Rosa Parks in particular was someone I have looked up to, not to mention MLKjr, and after Nate and I visited the Civil Rights Museum and Lorraine Motel in Memphis this past August, I don't think I'll ever view that time period the same.  (Sidenote:  I highly recommend everyone go.  It's so well done, and overall, one of the best museums I've ever been to.)

Back to it - this book is so good, but also is heavy at times.  Some nights after I'd put it down, I'd just stare at Nate and say something like "I just don't understand how they can treat people like this." So if you're looking for a lighthearted beach read come July when your toes are submerged in the surf....who am I kidding, we will STILL be on Covid-19 lockdown come July.  All that to say, everyone should definitely read it, and we should all give our whole paycheck every month to the EJI because man..those people, Bryan Stevenson in particular, are saints.

Enough for now seeing that it's Sunday at 5 til' 5, and dinner ain't gonna make itself. 

*If you know this movie and love it (like you should), email me so that we can be BFFs.
**The cat already has enough trouble trying to breathe through his crusty, runny nose.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The 12 Days of Shutdown and Weight-ing for Willpower

I've had the workings of a song titled "The Twelve Days of Shutdown" bouncing around in my head all day.  It started after seeing on the TV at the gym this morning that we're entering the 12th day of the shutdown, and it's my first day of being furloughed.  So this song came about..

"On the twelfth day of Shutdown, the gub'ment gave to me....a day off in my pj's."

To back up a bit...the gub'ment shut down at midnight on Friday, December 21st when it came time to pass a new budget and Trump and the Reps demanded funding for "The Wall," and the Dems were like "no, ho, ho, way" (because Christmas was right around the corner and they wanted a few extra syllables for emphasis...naturally).

I guess it's not really a big deal at this point because history has shown that when Congress and the POTUS finally do decide to get things up and working again, backpay is awarded to those who had to work without pay and those to got to vacay on the government's dime.  However, we're due for our first paycheck next week since all this started, and it will not be coming hell or high water if we're still playing this little game that "The Greatest Negotiator" started.

It's worth nothing that we were all given Monday and Tuesday off to overeat, over-drink, and I guess open a few presents here and there. 😉

Unfortunately, but spun ever so positively, I was informed by my supervisor on Friday, 12/21 that because I'm "one of the fastest workers," I would be reporting on Dec. 26th (Wednesday).  
Source (along with my mad Powerpoint 'Insert Text Box' skillz)
I was also informed that should The Shutdown roll into a second week, we would be put on a rotation with those who had the 26-28th off, so that everyone could be given a chance to "make a paycheck" should the usual backpay provision not be included in this budget.  

HOWEVER....things didn't really happen like that.  After working the 26th, the 27th, the 28th, and the 31st, I was finally told that I would be furloughed on 1/2, but would need to report for dooty duty on 1/3 and 1/4.

TLDR:  I'm complaining about just one day off with the five prior paragraphs and line of song.  Ain't the holidays grand?!? 😜


We had a grandiose good time in Shreveport for the Good Ole' Grubby Christmas, as well as Baton Rouge for the Raunchy Roberts' Reunion, but boy howdy did Nate and I fail epically with riding the healthy eating train into the station.  It feels kind of weird to talk about this "publicly" since weight and weight loss and weight gain are a sensitive subject, but it's been on my mind a lot these past few days seeing how the 1st is a good time for a clean slate, as well as Resolution Galore time!

I'm not completely disappointed with myself seeing as how from January 1, 2018, to January 1, 2019, I've lost nearly 20 pounds (when you don't count the 4-5 pounds of water weight and such that falls off in the first week), but I did have much bigger goals and expectations for myself.  We all know this ain't my first rodeo.  I'm telling myself this is all the more gunpowder to fire off and away here early on and meet or beat my goals my mid 2019, but things get tough by about 3pm when you're like "@#$@ this $^#@! I'm about to go to Costco and buy a bin of clusters and start in a week or so!"

Source - the stuff dreams are made of!
Buuuuuuuuuuut, so far so good over here.  I've survived the 1st, and I'm more than halfway through the 2nd, and though it can be a rollercoaster of willpower and succumb-tion in these first 2-3 weeks (and lawd knows it's never really easy), I'm trying to focus on unlimited vegan cheesecake at the end my end goal and how I know I'll feel when I get there

*fingers crossed there is sooner rather than later.*

**that's all for now.  I had bigger plans of writing more and more and more, but I'm feeling lazy from sucky sleep and lack of calories and lack of sugar and lack of... clusters.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Updates from just around the riverbend

Waaaaasssssssup, my betches!*

I guess you could say it's been a hot minute or two or three since I last checked in, but we're alive and well over here and things couldn't be peachier!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving (holla), which is definitely moving up my list of Holidays Thou Art Loves.  I mean, who can complain about a holiday centered around eating and getting together with family and friends.  I'm going to begin writing my petition tomorrow to President Trump (*shiver*) that Christmas Eve going forth (after the 2018 holiday season - - -don't want to give the retail industry a heart attack this year) shall be deemed the fourth Thursday in December.  That way, we can all just have a nice, four-day weekend every year to celebrate and buy each other tons of crap we don't end up needing after about a month.

It irks me to no end since I've ventured into the bizz-world (and left behind the school-year-calendar days of yore) that we have to tango with families year after year to see who's doing Christmas when and how flippin' weird when it falls on a Wednesday so you end up working Monday and Tuesday (lookin' at you gub-ment) and then get Wednesday off, but have to go back Thursday and Friday, and no one is really there who has a say in the matter and the ones who HAVE to be there because they don't have a say in the matter aren't getting work done anyway! *whew*

In summary, please sign my petition.
Nate the Great and I both had Thursday aka Needless Turkey Murder Day off this year, and we both took off Black Friday.  Here's looking at you 4-day weekend!  However, because of a little thing we like to call UNOh-no-when-will-Nathan-be-done-with-school, Nate's been hard at work starting/middling/completing projects and assignments before the end of the semester in about 2.53495 weeks.  So we said "See you in a few weeks Shreveport familia" and kicked it back real cool in The Big Easy with Sir Mix-a-Lot Sagan.

There we are, hard at work.
It's been quite nice.  We're on day 2 of 4 today, and while he's been hard at work doing schoolness, I've been making it a point to work out each morning and take care of things on my to-do list that I'm too lazy can't get to during the week.

We also had our first Completely Vegan Thanksgiving, and it was grand.  We both still over ate (and over drank....we haven't had booze in 11 days before last night...trying to get in ultimate shape in early 2019!), but it was quite tasty to put it lightly.  We had Corn Souffle (which I vegan-zed, and we couldn't tell a difference), these Heavenly Green Beans (which were top notch --we'll fo sho be having them again before next year) and homemade Drop Biscuits that I found in this gem.  Photo overload commencing in 3....2....1...

Corn Souffle bay-bay...made with vegan butter and vegan plain almond milk yogurt instead of sour cream.  SO GOOD!

Aptly named Heavenly Green Beans

A hottie testing a hot biscuit...yum-mie! ;)

Naturally, I had to test it, too!  And Jim subtly included his thumbs-up approval.

My first plate...but not my last.

(sorry for the crap-quality lighting, futureCourtney.  You prepared and ate this for dinner, so natural light was a no-go.)

I've been trying to read some of my new book that I took a chance on, and so far it's not half bad.  I just blazed through Liane Moriarty's new release, Nine Perfect Strangers, because 1) I'm a fan-girl and 2) the good ole NOLA Public Library only loaned to me for 2 weeks (compared to the usual 3 weeks, not counting the 2 renewals allowed) because it's a new release and in high demand.
I really wanted to love it since I loved a few of her previous ones, particularly this one and this one, buuuuuut it just didn't hit the spot exactly.  I will say that it was still an enjoyable read and the lady knows how to write, but this didn't top the list for me.  I did tell Nathan that I bet this one will be made into either a movie or a show...and this is coming from a non-bettin' woman. ;)


I want to do a better job of blogging more (burnt record, volume 7), as well as somehow documenting recent reads because I figure that will be fun to read back through one day when I'm consistently up at ungodly hours trying to get a little one to eat, and then I can sob even louder as I remember the days when I actually had time to pick up a book...but we'll see what I can do.  P.S.  I'm not pregnant. no particular order:

Troublemaker:  Surviving Hollywood and Scientology by Leah Remini
This was a really enlightening read about the world of Scientology.  Holy graham cracker is it a messed up world!  I learned a lot, and I'm curious to pick up another Scientology read in a few weeks by the lady who was married to the head honcho.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Oh, John Green.  Boy, you know how to write!  I was a little skeptical about picking this one up since it because so popular and was made into a movie, buuuut there's a reason for that.  It's YA fiction (which is right up my alley..ain't no shame in the game), and it was an enjoyable read.  I watched the movie afterwards even though the book is ALWAYS better, and my theory held true.  There's just so much they leave out and details and nuance and look at me pretending I know how to critique movies with big, fancy, French words. ;)

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
I LOVED this!  I've previous read her book Attachments, and I really liked it, but this one soared high and above.  I can only hope that my teenage daughter comes to me one day asking for a book suggestion because she's hit a lull, and I will literally go buy this and throw it in her FACE and reread it with her.! P.S.  Again, not pregnant.

Dumplin' by Julie Murphy
This was cute, and I really liked that I fully grasped all the southern references (like things in Texas and homecoming corsages), but after reading the last sentence and realizing it was the end, I audibly said (and I kid you not) "That's it!?!" Nathan was on the couch and replied "Did you not like it?"  I just didn't expect it to end how it did and because of the way the chapters were set up in my copy NOLA Public Library's copy, I had no idea another chapter wasn't ahead.  It was cute and fun, but I only just liked it.

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by Rachel Hollis
I jumped on board this gravy train because it was a new release and already turning into a bestseller, and I'm glad I did. The format was a chapter for each of the 20 lies we (as women) tell ourselves, and I liked a lot of the points she made. Two quotes I really, really liked were:

"This is true of race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and any other category we can dream up. Doing life with people who don't look or think or vote like us is the whole point--it's our call to arms! Love thy neighbor wasn't a suggestion; it was a command, you guys. How in the world are you going to love your neighbor if you don't know your neighbor? I don't mean waving hello at the grocery store; I mean actually pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone and doing life with different kinds of people . . . even if we wonder if they're getting it all wrong. Heck, especially if we think they're getting it all wrong. We need to be in a wider community not because we're attempting to sharper their clarity on a subject but because we're hoping to soften the edges of our own hearts."

"Every year you close a new chapter in your story. Please, please, please don't write the same one seventy-five times and call it a life."

...til next time!

*the one person on the interwebs who mistakenly stumbled across my blog at 3am and was like "WTF is this crap - - I need help studying for my law degree."

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

REAL fun

I took a half-day off from work today because I had a doctor's appointment, and I needed to visit the DMV...or as it so sassily refers to itself these days, the OMV.   It should really be called the OMG-I'm-going-to-kill-myself-the-next-time-I-have-to-visit-this-dreadful-place.  But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. 

The only reason I made the silly doctor's appointment in the first place was because I needed to get a prescription filled.  However, on the flip side, I figured it's a good idea to get a yearly check-up, and I always liked getting the emailed results from my previous doctor.  (i.e.  "Wow, I nailed my cholesterol test!" "Blood pressure is looking good again, chica - keep at that running!")  My previous doctor also used this online portal system thing from the future, so I could compare my weight, height, blood sugar, blood pressure, blood-y mary intake, etc. from 2011 to 2017.  It's reaffirming when you have a tough day to realize that you're bettering yourself every year physically, since my mind just goes to pot.

ALL THAT TO SAY....when I found this lady within my network and saw that she had raving yelp reviews, I figured I'd leave with a smile on my face, a prescription in my hand, and maybe even a pep in my step.  Are you sensing that didn't happen?  Smart cookie.

What I left with was a sore arm from an apparently past-due tetanus shot (based on the fact that she said you should have one every 10 years and making me feel like I should definitely get one today), a $30 co-pay from my ever-empty wallet, and NO FREAKING PRESCRIPTION.

"Just call us when you're ready to schedule that appointment, and we'll get you taken care of."

Umm...I did that...LAST TUESDAY. 

Sorry, dear reader, for all the yelling, but I explicitly said that I needed to make an appointment to get my prescription filled when I called and set this appointment.  But of course, being the non-confrontational Courtney that I am and always will be, I left disgruntled and tetanus-ified and vowed I would not be back. Ev-er.

As if that wan't enough fun, I journeyed to the ever-spirit-lifting OMV of New Orleans.  "You down with OMV, yeah you know me...."  sing on, my peeps.

I, again, begrudgingly made this visit versus taking care of business online because my license expires in 4 days (happy birthday to me!), I need to update my address (apparently you're supposed to do this within 10 days of moving to a new place (we're going on 346 days...not exaggerating)), and most importantly, because the fine state of Louisiana is moving to REAL ID's (I'm not yelling this time...this is what the website calls them) by 2020 where you have to have this special REAL ID gold star on your license in order to board a plane.

Naturally, seeing that I'm going to be jet-setting like a fool in 2020, I figured I'd go ahead and do myself a favor and not put it off like everyone else will until December 2019.  Apparently, 2020 is the year of travel for myself and others.

When I arrived, they gave me a printed number that said I had checked in at 2:15pm.

I was finally called at 4:11pm.

I was walking to my car with the REAL ID at 4:17pm.

It's too heartbreaking glamorous to describe in detail how it was sitting in the largest DMV OMV this side of the Mississippi with 58 million other miserable people and a loud speaker constantly going off with phrases like "NOW SERVING B119 AT WINDOW NUMBER 8.  NOW SERVING J024 AT WINDOW NUMBER 2.  NOW SERVING B119 AT WINDOW NUMBER 8. NOW SERVING B119 AT WINDOW NUMBER 8."

Not exaggerating (this time), some of those window clerks were trigger happy and called for their number no less than 4 times. 

Also, it should be noted that there were 25 windows, and a whopping 8 were open. 
Welcome to Wal-Mart.

To sum things up, I'll say that I'm glad I got a tetanus shot before my trip to the OMV.

*REAL ID members represent! peace out!*